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officesupReal Estate – Getting the message between shorthand and acronyms
Shorthand and acronyms have spawned a new language to become an integral part of real estate and internet culture. In essence, they’ve become mainstream, but do you understand the message?
One of the most amusing things I notice is how people slip shorthand and acronyms into conversation. They get bantered around like beers at a BBQ. Like they’re common knowledge, plain English terms. Perhaps more like Martian to some.
Most people agreeably nod as if to display an understanding of the acronymised/shorthanded words. To not appear uneducated or uninformed. Where in possibility, the only thing running through their mind is likely ‘What on earth is this fool talking about?’ Meanwhile losing the message completely.
AFAIK, this happens frequently in Real Estate.
Tech age of 90’s chat rooms, ICQ, MSN and the like has resulted in hangover terms, as has the need for Real Estate agents to create shorthand and acronyms for property. To cram as many property features into a small, traditional print advertising space as possible.
Here’s a list of the most commonly used in property descriptions and articles. Sometimes I raise an eyebrow at seemingly newly invented ones. A SLUG?
BIR? Built in robe
WIR? Walk in robe
CGT? Capital gains tax
CMA? Comparative market analysis
CofO? Certificate of occupancy
FHBG? First home buyers grant
STCA? Subject to council approval
SOB? Shower over bath
PFB? Polished floor boards
WIWO? Walk in walk out
FSBO? For sale by owner
GLFP? Gas log fire place
CAL BUNG? Californian Bungalow
HWS? Hot water service
LVR? Loan to value ratio
OSP? Off street parking
PCM? Per calendar month
RTBA? Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
RTA? Residential Tenancies Act
OFI? Open for inspection
GDH? Gas ducted heating
GGE? Garage
OFP? Open fire place
WWC? Wall to wall carpet
SLUG? Single lock up garage
These days, during conversation I usually butt in and ask the question (you should too), ‘What does that stand for?’ and giggle when I watch the squirm set in. The realisation that they themselves don’t really know! It’s quite funny. ROFLMAO!
If you’re unsure of an acronym or shorthand, let me know and I will attempt to decipher it for you. Translate the Martian to English.
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