My chilling suspicions

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icecreamI have a confession to make. Well, perhaps two.

Long before Step Up Property, as a Landlord myself, I undertook some ‘secret shopper’ styled research. I was looking for a new managing agent and I was fairly certain of what the average agent was dishing up to Landlords. So the results really just confirmed my chilling suspicions.

Some Property Managers freely gave me a taste test of information, whilst others refused to give information outside of a formal meeting. That was a turn off. A brain freeze. Just hand it over! You can’t sell a secret, you know.

What I found extraordinary was that the majority of Property Managers told me their usual or standard fees, quickly followed by a whipped up statement of discounted fees that they would waffle me. Sorry, offer me. ‘Our fee is X%, but we will do it for Y%’. NOT ONE Property Manager bothered to attempt to sell their services to me. Demonstrate to me why they believed they were worth their full fees! Not one. Astounding.

This majority I encountered, seemed to display the only way they knew to win business is/was to be a whimsy version of ‘the walking discounters’ or TWDs as we refer to them.

We see it occasionally. Owners give over their assets, equivalent to hundreds and thousands of dollars, to TWDs and hope for the best. Sure, it’s frustrating but there is an upside to our ingredients.

Our managed portfolio at Step Up Property is strong and building on the foundation of clients that understand the dangers and pitfalls of the walking discounters. Like me, some have even suffered TWDs experience. Just desserts for discounted fees.

Most importantly, our clients appreciate the importance of agents (us) dedicated to protecting them and their best interests, well ahead of discount agents and their cheap fees.

The funniest and most recent comment I heard from a TWDs victim was ‘if they stuff it up, I’ll come back to you!’


For the sake of the cost an ice cream sundae per week, why risk it? Step Up Property have systems, procedures and a supreme structure in place to guarantee and deliver on our level of service. Created and lead by an Australasian, award winning agent, you’ll forever indulge in extras. Topping and sprinkles!

Unphased by the walking discounters. Focused on sweet success. The cream of the crop. The cherry on top. We manage it like we own it.

Confession #2, I LOVE ice cream.

Quality before quantity,