Stuff the stuff

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sup-removalist2For this week’s blog, I decided to use a topic generator. The first thing it told me, was to write about moving home. How apt, I thought. My response?
In Victoria, 74,500 properties have been sold so far this year. The mind boggles. That is a heck of a lot of moving boxes, new utility connections, work for property agents, legal firms and removalist companies. New jobs, new schools, new friends, new relationships, new surroundings.
I wonder why people move. What is their motivation? I suppose some may not have a choice if they’re in a rental property. Their fate usually decided by the Landlords. Others may move due to a family death, divorce, employment opportunity, study or purely for a change of scenery. A tree change. I’m not convinced about that particular term.
I recall the last time I moved and my mind delves back to the time before that. The BIG move. The 11 year itch. Far too much accumulation of stuff. A truckload.
Seriously, at your own place, take a real good look around. In the hard to reach top cupboards, only opened bi-annually during a search to find that much needed birthday cake candle. God forbid, stuff under the bed. On second thoughts, perhaps don’t go there. In the linen press or third drawer from the top and then there’s always the lower pantry shelves. The garden shed is full of what? Forgot I even had one of those! Really. Think about it. All that stuff is a result of your sacrificed time. Time spent at work to earn money to exchange for this stuff. Look at it. How much of your time did you invest to accumulate?
Moving house creates an opportunity to de-clutter and minimalise your life. How much stuff do you truly need? You’ve got a few options. Sell stuff on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook. Swap it. Give it to family. Hold a garage sale. Or try a classic naturestrip freebie giveaway. Trust me, I’ve seen it work. Folks come a-runnin’ for free stuff!
Ladies, as much as it pains me to say it, YOU are NOT an octopus. You do not need eight handbags in assorted styles and colours. Let them go. You best hand over the shoe collection as well, Imelda. Think smarter. Cash in the copious crap and go use the $$$ to get yourself some really top quality ‘one of’ items. Quality first and foremost and bugger the quantity. Or cash in to take the family on a short break. Donate to charity. There are many options to re-birth clutter stuff.
And fellas, don’t think you’re off the hook. You can do the same with your tinker toys. Sell off what you’ve not used in 6 months and change up to that new wiz bang tool you’ve been eyeing off. Kids can do it too. How many unused toys and outgrown clothes do they have? The benefits of on selling, recycling or just giving things away are endless. Less to carry. Travel light. Help someone in need. I frequently replenish local clothing donation drop off points and hand down toys to baby relies. Warm fuzzy.
It never ceases to amaze me, observing people move. Box after box of stuff gets transported from place to place. Some is never, ever unpacked. It can be very cleansing to free yourself of the baggage of stuff. Particularly if you move a great distance. Sell your stuff. Cash up and buy new stuff when you arrive. Avoid transport costs and worry of stuff not arriving in time or arriving damaged.
 Anyway, I detest moving. Really. It. Rains. Every. Time. Inevitably, I end up with that one blasted Tupperware container that’s lost its lid. Honestly, where on earth does it go? The plastic abyss? The Tupperware Triangle? Only once I’ve turfed out the container and move house again, guess who shows its face? Yeah! The lid! Go figure.
When you move you also learn of the usual top three sacred items you just can’t get by smoothly without. During night one in the settling in stage, they will likely prove to be:
3) the regular can opener. No soup for you. Unless you use that silver, can mangling, pointed end, manual opener. You know the one. It hurts.
2) the veggie peeler. Just you try peeling those potatoes with a knife. Either you’re going to get cut, or have sweet-fa potato left to cook!
1) the dunny roll. The ultimate ‘can’t get by smoothly without’ item and also the most common thing to be missing in your new place. And just when you least expect it. Nature calls. Tissues? Nup. Wipes? Nup. Weekly Real Estate newspaper? Scrunch or fold? Kill me. Kill me now.
Bon voyage and light travels,
PS Ladies. When hubby enquires ‘I’ve never seen that handbag before?’ Just tell him you found it under the bed. Allegedly, works every time.